Press Coverage

"LALO Tactical's Shadow Amphibian boot exceeds expectations."
February 20, 2017
"Nate Boyer will never forget that night. Over time, it will come to symbolize his years at war: chaos and uncertainty and courage."
"Overall, I give these 5 stars across the board. They are comfortable, stable, quiet, lightweight, breathable, and fit the bill for basically any workout."
"Meet a Special Make Up version of the Lalo Grinder in “Lalocam” a proprietary pattern so far restricted to a military customer. "
"With proper footwear, cops can reduce energy expenditure and injuries."
"46-47 – LALO Tactical Footwear – Designed by Tier 1 US Forces personnel and with a range to suit all activities, LALO is the brand to have on your feet this summer."
"The BUDs Grinders are different from just about any other shoe I’ve worn before. They’re covered with vents that achieves outstanding airflow. The vents not only keep my feet ventilated and cool, but also work great when the Grinders are in the water. I wore them on a three-day raft trip with great success. We hit some nice holes, did a bit of cliff jumping along the way, and the Grinders drained the water as advertised."
"We have the ultimate solution for you. Welcome to LALO Tactical."
" After roughly 200 miles of use there are no signs of wear. Overall the shoe delivers. The LALO Zodiac Recon will be in my long run arsenal and likely will see some action at the Burning River 100 miler."
"I appreciated the extra cushion especially during the longer distances, and I noticed the curve of the sole helped force me to run on my toes. I typically notice discomfort in my knees and hips while running most distances over 1 mile, however I was able to run over 3 miles without feeling any joint pain."
"The tendency is to get into a business because we are passionate about the sport we have come to love. It is seen all the time in other industries: the marathon runner opening a local running store, the ex-ski racer opening up a ski shop and the pro cyclist a bike shop. Without these people, specialty retail as it currently is wouldn’t exist."
"“We’re seeing a large growth in the Warrior Dash and Spartan Race kind of events, and Lalo is really good for that,” he said. “We want to be at the cutting edge and this appealed to us.” "
"The Recon actually fits more like a racing shoe, glove-like, and feel like there is memory-foam in the footbed – super comfy and snug for speed work and racing."
"The Recon, which ships in March 2015, is a lightweight shoe at 8.3 ounces, but it’s tough enough to handle everything from mountain trails to urban roads covered in sand and salt."
"When San Diego based LALO Tactical Footwear seeks feedback for its boots and athletic shoes, it look across the bay to Coronado Beach, where U.S. Navy SEALS put the products through a world of hurt. "
"What will strike you from the beginning is how lightweight this shoe is – only 8.5 oz! It’s super sturdy with breathable mesh inserts, drainage ports on the bottom of the shoe, protective topcaps made out of a ceramic-coated Super Fabric, and an interesting lacing system that secures a solid fit especially under your foot arch. A fantastic shoe for all your TrailblazerGirl activities!"