I have used field-boots since 1986, many types like Adidas GSG9, Oakley SI 6.0, and more, but none have been as good as the Shadows. I use them in my regular police-work and SWAT-traning and -assignments. Thank you for making my feet happy.
I love every one of the products I have purchased from LALO Tactical. The hoodie, hat, t-shirt, Bloodbirds, and Grinders are all a part of my training every day. The performance and style are second to none. I have purchased a pair of Bloodbirds for my wife, and have led (recommended) many military members to purchase shoes from LALO Tactical. I am a member of the U.S. Air Force, and have a Garage Gym that trains military members and athletes. Do you have a military discount available for purchases on your website? Govx.com had some of the shoes available for around 40% off, but the whole line. Also, I am planning every Obstacle Course Race I have not done yet. I have done Ultra-Marathons, strength and conditioning based competitions, marathon, and a Obstacle Course Race. So, I have already signed up for a Battlefrog Obstacle Series Race and a Spartan Race. I have talked a little to Rocio Ramos about her experience with the Zodiac Recons. Do you recommend them for Obstacle Course Races? Do they have enough traction for mud and climbing? I know they drain well. I cannot wait for the "Maximus" shoe designed with Bobby MacDonald. I have followed and used the philosophies of Gym Jones for a long time. I will be pre-purchasing them as soon as it is available in February. Thank you so very much for your time and effort. I absolutely love the philosophies, direction, mission, and every way that LALO Tactical operates.
Jay & Jackie - Thank you both for getting these boots, t-shirts, and patches to my guys. Christmas came a little early this year for them. I really appreciate everything what LALO did for us. Also we will be ordering more boots from your company in the future. Everything arrived and all boots will be getting a lot of wear and tear as we gear up for our deployment. Will make sure we give you some good feedback as to how they perform. Again thank you very much.
WOW!!!!!! - I wish I could put your customer service into every business I have to deal with, you all are the BEST. I just don't know what to say except if anybody needs a reference about dealing with your company send them my email address. I will tell what an awesome customer service department you have.
Via Twitter: Unparalleled support and care for the end user @lalotactical - everyone needs to go check them out. You won't be disappointed.
The outfitters brochure read "expect crisp mornings, warm, windless days, and cool nights.” The reality was “hot dayʼs, that turned to rain, to wind, snow, hail, and thunder storms. The last day was just as the brochure so temptingly described, “crisp mornings, warm days and cool night time temps.” So went the Idaho Backcountry, horse pack, bow hunt. By the time it was over, our guide had a new name - “Miles.” The camp food was tasty, the adventure was off the charts and our freezer is empty. This story though is really about your exceptional boots - which indirectly started during a summer stand up paddle surf session about 4 years ago. I had kicked out of a wave and landed on a rock in shallow water, re-injuring the arch in my left foot. With some therapy, I knew I would be ready to hunt the Oregonʼs coastal range that Fall. Unfortunately during that hunt, my foot was re-injured, leaving me with an hour crawl over boulders, blown down timber and forest floor debris to get to the trail head that was only a half mile away. Driving the next day was not much better as it had me grinding the gears on my way to the doc's. The reality of what life without the mobility to do what Iʼve always done came into sharp focus as I considered my situation. In Oregon, the doctor said nothing was broken in the arch. “Stabilize with a certain shoe/orthotic for 4-6 weeks. If not better, visit an orthopedic and make a new game plan”. During my 12 hour drive home, my game plan came into focus. Once home I immediately went and visited Dr. Edythe Heus, of Revolution in Motion. She has put me back together more times then I can count over the past 18 years. Be it mountain biking or skiing wrecks, firefighting injuries or just being proactive on functional conditioning, she has been my “go to” person! Sheʼs off the charts about foot strength. Fixing this foot proved challenging, yet very rewarding. When it became apparent that this years spot and stalk, Idaho hunt was a “go”, I began in earnest to find the best footwear I could. It needed to afford me the stability, protection, flexibility, grip, the lightness and nimbleness to climb mountains, ride horses, side hill and descend rocky, dry slopes. (notice no mention of snow/mud!) I really wanted to have room in the boots to wiggle my toes, yet give my ankle the lateral support with forward flex. Minimalist footwear as I knew it was not an option. Nor was the heavy mountain boot. Neither were the weekender, athletic, hybrid, hiking boots. I began working with a respected boot fitter and settled on a particular, well known boot. We were able to make some adjustments to the side walls of the boot and build special insoles. Everything seemed to be heading in the right direction until I brought the boots to Dr. Heus! The look on her face without even saying a word, said it all. And it was not good! Out of frustration with my window of time shrinking, I went back to the drawing board searching both on and offline. Hereʼs when I discovered LALO. At first glance, my thought was this is another over the top, sensationalized Hollywood shoe company. Upon digging a bit deeper, I realized who you were and who you made products for. Being raised in a military family, it struck a chord with me. As I explored and “kicked the tires” I became more and more intrigued. I ordered a pair of Shadow Intruders and found them to be just what the doctor ordered! In reality they are more then I imagined they would be. I put a lot of miles on them before heading to Idaho. What was remarkable is essentially there was very little break in time. Actually I spent more time adjusting the shoe laces as I looked for that “sweet spot”. I finally found it. I would settle on wrapping the shoe lace around my ankle before finishing it off with the knot. These boots arenʼt home to Goretex, Thinsulate or Vibram soles. Honestly I donʼt even know what theyʼre made of. Yet thru the rocks, while in the saddle, thru the bogs, across logs and creeks, in the mud, snow and rain these boots exceeded my wildest expectations! Anytime I doubted what these could withstand, I thought of who they were made for and realized these boots can handle way more then I can. When the snow fell I wore two pairs of socks and my feet never froze and I could still move my toes. My feet never felt heavy. The agility / nimbleness /responsiveness built my confidence as I moved across slippery terrain. I found myself thinking how it would have been if I was in the “other boots”. I would have been walking with anvils attached to my legs! This type of hunt, in this environment was the first time I can remember where my gear, my boots and my nutritional and camp support all came together - enhancing the total experience from beginning to end. I just want to give you a big THANK YOU for your devotion to save some lives by equipping those special folks who defend our freedoms! You and your products are exceptional. I must say, what I thought was just a dream boot that didnʼt exist, youʼve made real, the real deal!
I wore my grinders out on a couple trails over my vacation and let my buddy wear the other pair. Between training 10 days straight and doing some amazing trails and hiking we both were very happy. The shoes have been a godsend in the gym especially. I feel as though that is where they really shine. The support is phenomenal. That being said you had mentioned sending me some more for helping with the contest. I currently have a couple pairs and if possible, I would much rather some of the boots to try for my next round of trails and hiking. If not, I would rather grab some other sizes of shoes for people to get into your product. I'm really happy I have such a common shoe size. I've shown a few people my shoes and just said "here, take em for a spin for a couple days". Once they are used properly I gotta say, you have a goldmine of a product on your hand. I can't say enough good things man. If you ever need a good review I'll be happy to share my experiences. Amazing CS and a good product is a company I love supporting and standing behind.
Hey guys, This will be the first time I have ever contacted any person or company to rave about their product or service. I don't do reviews about anything, because no one cares what I think and vice versa. Honestly, I wear shoes until they fall apart and I don't buy myself too many nice things. I saw your brand featured on Austin Weiss' Insta feed and I was was intrigued. So, I ordered a pair on Wednesday. After working 14 hours in my restaurant today I came home to find my LALO's on the steps. Like any other sensible person, I tried them on. I shit you not...I still have them on as I sit on the couch in my underwear typing this message. These are the most comfortable shoes I have ever graced my feet with! I may need another pair, because I bought these to workout in, but I see these as being every day shoes for me! Oh, and Shannon is awesome! She was very pleasant to deal with via e-mail. Y'all have a great company and I am more than happy to spread the word and fully support your efforts! Long story short, THANK YOU!
Morning Jay: Per your request for my two-cents feedback, I want to let you know that I opened the Zodiac Recon’s last night when I got in from work. My first impression is that the Night Vision version has a very appealing look to them. I typically am not a wearer of flashy colored shoes, but these really have a nice look and as a consumer, I could and would find them easy to purchase. I initially found the 11.5 size just a tad on the snug side for my feet, when compared to how well your Amphibians and Intruders fit me. I had the Zodiacs on for a couple of hours around the house and by the time I retired, they had already molded to my feet and were feeling FANTASTIC. I went to my gym early this morning for my first trial run…pardon my pun! I did my normal Mon thru Fri routine which is warmup; 2.5 mile run/jog on an indoor track [for time], 1 hour in the weight room, with pushups and air squats in between every set of weights. This is not a challenging routine for most guys, but as an old fart, it’s a descent routine for my age! As far as first impressions running in your Zodiacs…I was just amazed at how totally comfortable, stable, and functional they are! I’ve was using 5.11 low cut Tactical Trainers prior to first getting your boots late last year and now have been alternating the 5.11s with Intruders for my gym workouts. The Zodiacs actually caused me an initial concern when I started my run. I focus my running to achieve a target heart rate level and then try to hold it thru the period of the evolution. At my age, I don’t go ball out for as long as I can…those days are behind me it seems! Your Zodiacs, the way the heel and toe are contoured upward gave me such an outstanding motion flow from heel-strike to toe push-off I kept running faster than I wanted to run. This, for me, is as very good thing Jay and it just adds value to me for future use of this line of running shoes. So far, that’s what I have observed in the short time since they arrived. I will expect to use them until the Black Ops I have on order arrive and then I’ll go back to alternating with the Night Visions. I really am impressed with your product line, especially how you are incorporating some new shoe concepts with the quality of your products. I really have to admit I prefer to spend less for my exercise and recreational shoes, but I like LALOs so well, I’ll gladly pay what it takes to have them in my closet. Your apology card in the shipping box is a nice touch, too. I am a VP Sales & Marketing for a new start-up company in the chemical industry and I can identify with the challenges you have getting established and profitable. Believe me, you’re on the right track and if you don’t get sucked down into the Nike/Adidas pop culture black hole, you guys will be setting new trends on how companies “should” communicate with and interface with customers. I’m in for the duration and am one of your most supportive cheerleaders! Thanks for your personal input and feedback, best of luck as you move forward. Samuel
Received the boots and they are great. They feel awesome on my feet. I've worn boots for over 30 yrs and have never had a boot feel this good on my feet. The support is incredible. Being disabled I have a hard time walking. When I put them on I could tell a difference in how much better I could walk. I didn't feel like I was going to fall. My legs felt stronger as I walked. The support is incredible. I always hurt so I never go anywhere cause if I walk to much my legs lockup and my right leg gives out. For the past 6yrs I've stayed in and around my house. I didn't like to venture out because I knew how much trouble I would have walking. I feel with these boots I'll get my life back. For the short time that I've worn them I can tell that I will be able to walk better and feel like I'm not going to fall all the time. I had about given up on walking and I was looking into getting a wheelchair because it hurts so bad to walk. I don't think I will be needing it. Thank you so much for giving me my life back. I'm looking forward to wearing these boots everyday and venturing out away from my house. Thank you so much, God bless you.
I failed to get his name…but just received a call from a customer who has a Shadow Intruder…and he wanted to tell us that we make the best boots in the world =)
I was pulling out of the drive headed to the gym and noticed the mailbox was slightly ajar...opened it up to find a box chocked full of bad ass! I'm a man of little words...most of them dumb as hell - but these are the most comfortable shoes I've ever had or worked out in (legs day today). I had two toes on my right foot blown off and finding shoes that fit and are comfortable on both feet is nearly impossible. You guys got it right...can't wait to get another pair.
Well not sure if the owner/ makers will see this, but I wanted to say a personal thank you to all involved in making these shoes. I have a pair and from following Austin Weiss on Instagram I have realized I guess, how hard it is to get a hold of a pair. These shoes are unique, and one-of-a-kind. My feet are already craving another pair!!! THANK YOU. Love all y'all do for the past, present and future vets of our great country! People need to take note of y'all! Sincerely, One Happy Customer, Kyler Webb
I wore the shoes twice & noticed how incredibly light they were as I was working out. They felt so light that I didn't notice I had shoes on. My side lateral stability was pretty good & while running in they felt compact, stable, and I had no bad impact on any joints, muscles or ligaments. I got a good push off from the back of my gate to the next stride.
I recently bought a pair of your LALO Grinders and instantly fell in love with the shoes from the moment I received them. The Grinders were extremely comfortable, lightweight, and felt practical for everything from running to box jumps to Olympic Lifting.
Hi Jay, It is really refreshing to hear that your company reaches out to fellow Wounded Warriors. Just taking the time out of your day to talk to me really shows that you and your staff really care. Thank you I spent about a year at Wounded Warrior Regiment in Camp Pendleton. I will tell you from personal experience all these guys are amazing and yes to hear the stories is life changing. I never gave you my story but I will share it with you. I had told you before I served 22 years in the Marine Corps. I deployed multiple times with multiple missions thru my years. I had returned from Iraq after the invasion in 2003 unharmed. I came home to be able to see my second son Jon born. I was given a Anthrax vaccine the fourth one but this time I had a life threatening reaction. My body was shutting down and muscle was deteriorating the doctors had no idea what to do because this hadn't happened to anyone before. Come to find out now a simple steroid would have changed what has happened to me now. I had recovered somewhat from 2003 still having bad headaches and arm numbness but I am a Marine. I continued to push thru my pain for a couple years. I was even able to be there for the start up of the Marine Corps Special Operations (MARSOC) going into the SOCOM world which was a huge accomplishment for me. In 2009 I had pneumonia which triggered my previous vaccine reaction to come back. From what the specialist say I guess because it never really went away it was laying dormant in me. I was walking to the chow hall with one of my civilians and blacked out, this was the start. My illness has progresses from there and I eventually retired from the Corps in 2013. My whole body has been affected. I now have POTS which is postural so when I stand the blood does not flow back to my heart that causes me to black out. I have uncontrollable heart rates and blood pressures, heat and cold intolerance, COPD and require oxygen often. I have cardiac difficulty, vision and hearing changes thru the day, extreme headaches and my latest CIPD. CIDP is causing the outer walls of my nerves to deteriorate. This explains the nerve pain I had been having for some time now. I recently started treatments to hopefully stop or at least slow that process. I have more diagnosis but these are the wave points. I have to spend a lot of time laying down due to the postural issues constantly adjusting my bed position. I require a wheelchair, I have one that is an off-road type chair which is cool because I can enjoy some time outside. My family and I had to move from Temecula, CA back in 2013 to find cooler temperatures. My wife and son found us a house here in Tennessee on a lake which was my dream. Our house helps me tremendously. We still need to do a lot of work on it to make it more accessible for me but we will get there. I really enjoy sitting in our sunroom and watching the water, it has been the best therapy for me. I have a great wife Marsha who has stuck beside me for 18 years and is now my full time caregiver. Marsha is still into fitness and continues to workout on a regular basis in fact she's at the gym right now as I'm typing this letter. No one could ask for a better wife, hey she's a military wife they really do have the toughest job! I have two boys Matt who is 17 sings country music and Jon who is 11 and into baseball. Well there's a short version of a long story. One thing our family does is to stay motivated and never ever give up! You can't I will hit you up for sure and I'm sure I will love the shoes! Oh and to answer you question I wear a large t-shirt. Very Respectfully, Bill
Just wanted to let you know I received the Grinder's awhile back and absolutely love them!! Thanks you so much for all of your assistance and customer service during my "process". I'll definitely be getting another set of Grinder's when they come out in Battleship color. I’m loving the Grinders…….wearing them as I type this!! Thanks again.
Let's just say I've been following @lalotactical tor sometime now. I'm in need of new shoes. 1) I hardly ever wear sneakers, 95% of the time I wear boots. 2) I have horrible plantar fasciitis. 3) I'm going to need a great, new, light weight shoe for rehab after my back surgery. I simply asked Lalo, "How does a Veteran go about buying a pair of these awesome sneakers? Because they' re so new, most of them are pre-order. So I wasn't sure how to purchase them, or how much they were. They promptly replied, "Please email us, and we'll hook you up". So I did. That's when I got asked for my credentials, and wasn't sure why, until they explained that they would give me a Veterans discount. Boy did they ever! Let me just say @lalotactical is a hell of a badass company who not only is in the process of becoming an incredibly awesome boot and sneaker company that is hitting the nail on the head with Veterans and military footwear comfort. But they're also doing it at an affordable price and with generous discounts to Veterans. It's absolutely outstanding to see a company take care of, and take pride in their Veterans, and military. So thank you very much again for your awesome support and kindness. I'm beyond grateful for the discount and kindness you have shown me. I look forward to getting my Lalo Bloodbirds soon! #veteranlife #lalo #lalotactical #laloshoes #badassery #vipveterans #military #shoes #tacticalboots #runningshoes #nextbigthing #thankyou #veteranlivesmatter #militarylivesmatter #outstanding #valorsmarkco #edc #dailycarry #dailygearfix #edcawesomeness #edcdump