°CRYO Science™ To Be Featured At Health Optimisation Summit

September 11, 2019
HOUSTON, Sept. 11, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- °CRYO Science™, the world's leading innovator in cryotherapy solutions and applications, has been invited to take part in London's first Health Optimisation Summit on September 14-15 at Olympia London. As the best in the industry, °CRYO Science has the distinction of being the only cryotherapy company attending the ground-breaking new biohacking and preventive health care conference.

The Health Optimisation Summit will feature some of the world's smartest minds, technologies and brands from biohacking, health, fitness, medical and nutrition. With keynote speakers like best-selling author John Gray (Men are from Mars) and Dave Asprey of Bulletproof Coffee, the pioneering summit is seeking to gather some of the brightest health and wellness minds from around the globe. The goal of the conference is to bring together a like-minded community of health experts to learn, discover and challenge the way we not only look at health, but how we can optimize health.

Only the best in the biohacking world have been invited to this exciting conference and °CRYO Science represents the best in the cryotherapy industry. As the world's leading innovator in cryotherapy technology, °CRYO Science has designed the safest cryotherapy products on the market. The company's full-body chamber, the °CRYO Arctic™, uses patented safety technology to ensure that its users never come into contact with cryogenic gases. The °CRYO Arctic is also the coldest chamber on the market, reaching temperatures of -140ºC / -220ºF, and is the only machine that accurately measures the chamber's temperature to deliver the most effective treatment possible. It is also the first unit in the world to easily transition from full-body, head-enclosed cryotherapy to shoulders down cryotherapy at the push of a button.

"We are honored to be chosen to represent cryotherapy at this eye-opening event," said Amir Amirsadegi, CEO of °CRYO Science North America. "We're really excited to see what new modalities are available in the biohacking space."

About °CRYO Science
°CRYO Science is a world-class equipment innovator and solutions provider for all cryogenic applications. We have mastered the science of using low-temperature gases to deliver healing benefits to the human body and its surroundings. At °CRYO Science, we focus on delivering innovative solutions in cryotherapy, and other customized installations driving industry success in healthcare, sports, beauty and gastronomy. Our world-class team's diverse expertise alongside our state of the art cryogenic equipment is the reason we are always the right choice for you. For more information, visit http://www.cryosc.com.

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