EFFORCE announces ICO and prepares a revolution in the energy efficiency market

August 21, 2018
EFFORCE is the first decentralized platform which allows contributors to profit from the energy savings generated by energy efficiency projects worldwide. Thanks to blockchain technology, EFFORCE tokens holders will have a simple and certified access to the energy efficiency market. The project was born from the experience of the team of AitherCO2, one of the most important Energy Service Companies in the global energy market. 

Milan – August 21, 2018. Next October EFFORCE will launch its first Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Up to 2.800.000.000 EFFORCE tokens (EFE) will be issued. 

EFFORCE is a blockchain-based energy saving trading platform, which allows EFFORCE tokens holders to benefit from the energy savings generated by third parties. The project is an attempt by the team of the Energy Service Company AitherCO2 to contribute to a safer and more accessible energy efficiency market, turning energy saving into a shareable asset. 

“EFFORCE is a revolution in the energy efficiency market” stated Jacopo Visetti, CEO at EFFORCE and Founder of AitherCO2. “After years of experience in the field, we realized that this market is full of potential, but open to a few. Thanks to the EFFORCE platform, everyone can profit from the energy savings generated by energy efficiency projects worldwide”. 

The platform brings together those who want to improve the energy efficiency of their buildings or industrial processes with a pool of investors. The energy saving generated by efficiency improvement interventions funded by EFFORCE is certified by the blockchain and tokenized. 

“It’s a win-win situation” continued Visetti, “which allows the companies to find new investors and the contributors to use the tokens both as cryptocurrency and as saved energy they can use to offset their energy costs”. 

Behind the project there is the solid background of AitherCO2, provider of financial services and consultancy in the energy efficiency market. In eight years of experience, AitherCO2 has helped more than 2000 clients save up to $ 700 million in energy costs. Along with the CEO Visetti, the team members of EFFORCE include the programmer, entrepreneur and startupper Jacopo Vanetti, and Francesco Nazari Fusetti, founder of the start-up Scuola Zoo, the fund-raising platform Charity Starts and the cryptocurrency AidCoin. 

The EFFORCE token (EFE) has a nominal value of ETH 0.000125 (1 ETH = 8000 EFE). The ICO event, which will be launched in October, includes a first 90 minutes “football match” phase at 35% discount, an “early bird” phase at 30% discount 30 days before the ICO ends, a “catch” phase at 20% discount 20 days prior to the end of the ICO and a last “burning” phase at 10% discount 10 days before the end of the ICO event. 

Contact: Corrado Catania - [email protected]