Fleksy launches the world’s first Keyboard as a Platform

October 26, 2017
LONDON, 26 October 2017 - Fleksy, the fastest and most flexible mobile keyboard in the world, launches today a search & share platform with fleksyapps™, wrapped by a new brand. It’s looking for a new round of funding of 2 million euros to help grow this revolutionary expansion of the keyboard.

The launching apps (fleksyapps™) are: Qwant private search, Spotify, Yelp, Youtube, Memes and GIFs.

Olivier Plante, CEO, affirmed: “After being in the keyboard space for some time, we realised how people interact with the keyboard, then we envisioned the KaaP, Keyboard as a Platform, which we predict is the way people will use keyboards in the future.”

Keyboard as a Platform (KAAP) is the next-generation keyboard, where brands are within reach of users inside the keyboard, and exactly at the point the user needs them. The vision is to offer what users are looking for in a predictive and non-intrusive way. For example, if someone is arranging to have lunch on a messaging app, from their choice of words Fleksy will show their favourite restaurant booking app, where they can not only search & share, but also book their lunch. Similar with songs, cinema tickets, or maps. 

The KaaP comes to simplify how people share people when chatting on a mobile. Today apps have superseded browsers as the way-to-go for information and entertainment. However, with the amount of apps on their phones, people get overwhelmed and it’s a hassle to find them on the phone, search for content within them, and then go back and share. Fleksy has created a solution called fleksyapps™, which is a simple and straightforward way to access apps from whichever app you’re in - from within the keyboard!!! 

Olivier adds: “While chatting with a friend, if you decide to share a specific song, you can simply tap on your favourite music app - without leaving the chat! - and share it. People will love it - it’s so convenient!”

The new brand reflects how people communicate. The four circles represent different individuals connected and speaking to each other. Our digital environment is connected and overlapping continuously, hence the connected shapes, like fleksyapps. When there’s no going back and forth from a chatting app to fetching information. The brand is young, vibrant and in line with Fleksy’s users: always looking to be more productive and type in a faster and easier way.


For further information, please contact:
Tina Louise