Fleksy shares vision of ubiquitous access to content in any apps

November 30, 2017
London, 30th November 2017 - Fleksy, the fastest keyboard in the world, today launches fleksyapps for Android, laying the ground for the future of mobile content access. Fleksy now powers the apps users love by allowing instant access to videos, restaurants, songs, web & more, while typing. Today’s announcement of Android’s public beta follows iOS’s launch a few weeks ago. 

Brands and developers are supporting an ever-increasing overhead to design, code, maintain and monetize many “integrations”, e.g. iMessage apps for iMessage or extensions for FB Messenger. Instead of developing an app or functionality for FB Messenger, another for Skype, another for Viber, etc, Fleksy offers a single easy-to-manage cross-app integration.

Fleksy serves as a distribution platform, offering the opportunity of being in front of millions of users on a daily basis, saving brands time developing and maintaining several touchpoints with their audience.

“Fleksy is often compared to WeChat by investors we talk to. The comparison makes a lot of sense, whereas WeChat is vertical, Fleksy’s approach is horizontal. Or in other words, we’re the Horizontal WeChat”, says Olivier Plante, CEO.

Today, an average user types between 8 & 16 hours per week chatting, emailing, taking notes or working.  Fleksy’s “fleksyapps” can be quickly accessed from any app where users type information: WhatsApp, Messenger, Twitter, Slack, Instagram Chat, note-taking apps, etc.

Mobile users save memory, battery and space on their phone, and more: save time, by accessing & sharing content without having to switch apps. Users can quickly organize a dinner, find & share a song or find wikipedia information no matter the OS of their friends. Today, a Gboard user is limited to Google services, but with Fleksy, regardless of the phone you have or the apps you use, you’ll be able to access content from any fleksyapp available on the platform.

On iOS, the most frequently used categories are already available, including web search, movies, music, videos and events apps, with providers such as Yelp, Youtube, Spotify, and Qwant. And all these exciting apps are coming to Android soon. 
About Fleksy
Fleksy superpowers the apps you love. Founded in 2011 as a keyboard for the visually impaired, so fast and easy to use that it’s the winner of the fastest keyboard in the world. In 2017, Thingthing Ltd. took over development of Fleksy on a mission to revolutionize way people access content on mobile. Our vision is to provide people access to what they want, anywhere they need instantly, while typing. With over 6 million downloads on the Play Store and App Store, Fleksy boasts one of the highest ratings on both stores. Fleksy on your mobile: switch less, do more. www.fleksy.com

Download Fleksy today: bit.ly/FleksyiOS  bit.ly/FleksyAndroid
For more info: [email protected]