Thingthing Ltd. takes over competitor Fleksy becoming top independent keyboard in Europe and US

July 25, 2017

LONDON, 25th July 2017. Thingthing Ltd., the private and connected keyboard company, today announced it will be leading the development of the Fleksy keyboard app, the fastest keyboard in the world. The deal will create the only independent private keyboard in the world, and the number one European company in the keyboard space.
Mobile users are becoming sophisticated and demand products that will make their lives more productive, helping save time and get more done, seamlessly.  All in a very private environment. Olivier Plante, Thingthing’s CEO, commented: “The keyboard is an excellent example of how an interface can improve both the typing experience and reduce time to realise current day-to-day activities, which are performed naturally in Thingthing’s (Fleksy’s) app. Today, users are familiar with next-word prediction but we believe the future is about anticipating what they want to access next: services, content or activities. And all this should happen in the most private way, processed locally."
“We started exchanging ideas with Fleksy and quickly realised we had strong synergies and common point of views, and with this move we’ll get to this future much faster”, said Xevi Farrarons, COO of Thingthing. “We’ll now manage the development of Fleksy, which will be updated, supported and improved. Users can trust in our determination in creating an outstanding experience.” added Francesc Garcia, CTO of the company.
The team will focus on expanding their vision, rebranding, improving today’s autocorrection, customisation, themes and extensions and converting Fleksy’s keyboard into the world’s first Keyboard as a Platform (KaaP). Available on both iOS and Android, Fleksy keyboard has been updated and can be downloaded here:
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