Fleksy signs deal with South African government-backed Flip Page

August 16, 2018

Today, Flip Page and Fleksy announce a partnership whereby all mobiles supplied to government and private users in South Africa will be powered by Fleksy, the only private mobile keyboard. 

Flip Page is a South African telecommunications equipment and services company that puts a strong emphasis on quality and convenience of their products and services and place an extra focus on practicality within the relevant market space whilst remaining affordable to the everyday user. As veteran exhibitors of the ITU Telecom World Conference, Flip Page announced the debut of their flagship smartphone, the UNUBELL on 22 August 2018. 

Telecommunications equipment R&D and production is in its infancy in South Africa and the debut of the ​UNUBELL will be a landmark feat as the first ODM produced device on the continent. The Emerge is designed to compete with other top tier devices on the market. 

This device has earned a right to be mentioned in the same breath as high contending international competitors. Flip Page offers a unique insight into the African market, addressing communications hurdles which are global and those uniquely African, such as high data charges, default services on international brands that are unusable nor feasible in Africa, offshore personal data storage and a need for a reliable battery life, particularly in areas which are still without reliable electricity. 

A key area in which Flip Page has purposely looked to add value in its devices, which led to the eventual collaboration with the Fleksy Keyboard, is the growing need for information security and privacy. According to Flip Page’s CEO, ​Lwazi Ndlela - “True to giving our users a unique user experience, we saw the need for a highly productive, fully customisable and private keyboard where our users know exactly how their information is managed in the back end. Personal data including what users share, search and text is as much of private property as any tangible object would ordinarily be.” 

The Fleksy Keyboard collaboration became a “no-brainer” because amongst other features the company already shared the same vision and philosophy, playing well into the information security narrative Flip Page is pioneering in South Africa and Africa as a whole. The Fleksy Keyboard is highly customisable, fast and efficient to write with, offers secure privacy features for the end user and pairs very well with Flip Page devices, supporting a holistic user experience all round. 

The need for Sovereign Countries, Governments, institutions and individuals to have control over their own and its citizens’ online information is inescapable. In light of recent, global incidences of personal data mismanagement, the European Union has taken steps to regain this control. Attacks using personal data have become more elaborate and malicious as we have seen in recent cases; African countries have not placed adequate emphasis on communications security, particularly over smartphones within their structures leaving them very vulnerable. 

Olivier Plante, CEO of Fleksy, added: “We are very happy with the partnership with Flip Page, as we understand the government of South Africa can now rest assured that what their members type on their phones will not be ready by anyone. Their privacy is protected. And that’s what other government bodies are also looking for now: a mobile provider that can help them be protected from companies that are interested in accessing their data. Privacy is key nowadays. Period.” 

For any further information, please Contact: 

Shalate Teffo:​ ​[email protected]​, www.flippage.co.za 
Tina Louise: ​[email protected]​, www.fleksy.com 

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