Fleksy launches its mobile keyboard SDK to offer powerful text input solutions to app developers

June 10, 2020

Today, Fleksy announces the launch of its keyboard SDK offering. This solution will allow companies, organisations and developers to integrate Fleksy’s proprietary technologies such as its auto-correction & next-word prediction engine, smart gestures and 50+ languages right into their mobile apps.

While Fleksy remains best known for its privacy features and its record for being the world's fastest keyboard, the company was already working with multiple large and small companies in Healthcare, Cybersafety, Gaming, Governmental and OEMs to provide them with custom versions of their keyboard.

Olivier adds, “We see our SDK being used for improving and creating new end-users experiences. For instance, take an app for Seniors, this app might need a specific layout in order to improve its usability thanks to our SDK. The same can be relevant for educational apps designed for young children. Using the default keyboard could get in the way of an optimal experience. You can even imagine a brand of hardware gaming keyboard wanting to expand on mobile since it’s a high growth market with over 26% YoY growth.”

Olivier Plante, CEO says “We’re proud to bring our Fleksy SDK to several brands in various industries giving us a solid edge in the market. We can’t wait to see what companies and developers out there will be able to achieve”

Today’s launch expands the company’s reach into a new range of mobile apps which need secure, powerful text input solutions respectful of users' privacy. When looking at the competition landscape, Fleksy quickly realised the lack of mobile text input technologies for third party developers. With the biggest keyboards in the space: GBoard belonging to Google and Swiftkey owned by Microsoft, companies and organisations looking for a private and fully customizable text input solution came short handed. 

Olivier Plante, CEO says “Having full ownership over our technologies gives us a large range of flexibility that no competitor has today”

Fleksy SDK is available for Android and iOS and is open to companies, organisations and developers across the world thanks to its 53 languages supported. Developers will be able to take advantage of Fleksy’s proprietary technologies under a licensing model. Fleksy will also soon offer Swipe input, called Fleksywave, currently in Beta. Developers will also be able to customize the look and feel of the keyboard and much more.

To learn more about Fleksy SDK, visit Fleksy’s website: https://www.fleksy.com/sdk