Fleksy launches FleksyArt, world’s first in-keyboard themes marketplace powered by Artists

January 26, 2021

Fleksy launches FleksyArt, world’s first in-keyboard themes marketplace powered by Artists

Featuring renowned artists such as María Picasso i Piquer, Lucila Dominguez, URKO, Maru Ceballos, and many more, Fleksy wants to help artists distribute their work where users spend most of their time: typing.

London, Tuesday 26th January 2021

Today, Fleksy, the world’s fastest virtual keyboard for smartphones, is officially launching FleksyArt, the world’s first marketplace where artists can distribute their artwork to millions of Fleksy users around the world in just a few easy steps. 

As smartphones take a bigger presence  in our daily lives, Fleksy’s design team has secretly been working on a new platform of distribution for artists, putting exclusive art pieces in front of millions, instantly. 

When it comes to smartphones, everyone is familiar with changing their home screen & lock screen wallpapers but Fleksy thinks that bringing Art into people’s typing experience will give users a new form of expression and Artists a new stream of revenue. In fact, Fleksy has already given artists several thousands in cash and is now ready to scale its platform further. 

Victoria Gerchinhoren, Chief Design Officer at Fleksy admits: 
“Art, which has always been a medium to express, reveal, provoke, change and criticize our lives has been dramatically muffled with users spending more time in front of their smartphones. So we wondered, perhaps there’s a way to push smartphone users to consume Art as they type and provide Artists with a powerful platform to distribute and sell their work worldwide?” 

Maria Picasso, a fairly pop culture artist says: 
“It's like designing a handbag, illustrating a t-shirt. Something that will connect with someone and will accompany them in their lives just because they find it beautiful. Isn't that awesome?“  

URKO, who’s also the founder of Argentinian Society of Collage (SAC) says: 
“It’s a nice experience, it surprised me, I have never thought of illustrating for a keyboard app and it was a beautiful challenge.“ 

Every day, millions of Fleksy smartphone users type, delighted by these new and unique theme styles. From geometric, futuristic, oniric, botanical, naive, mythical, and sci-fi, users can express themselves with style and grace.

Artists (painters, 3d artists, illustrators, collagists, photo artists) from all over the world can join the movement by sending over their portfolio here or https://www.fleksy.com/fleksyart/.

You can also watch an interview with one of the FleksyArt Artists, Daniel Ubach here: https://youtu.be/qjN5IrE5YIw
Find Press Images here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/12Xa5gaxbjeDidI1xTbkn7CeyUQHMorGA?usp=sharing

About FleksyArt
FleksyArt is a brand new way to distribute and consume Art in today's digital world. Artists can join the growing community and bring their artwork to millions of smartphone users globally. 

About Fleksy
Fleksy is an award-winning alternative keyboard for your smartphone available for Android and iPhone. Fleksy aims to give you full control over customization and productivity. Fleksy counts for more than 15 million downloads on the Google Play and App Store combined.
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