izzbie ONE will be at CES® 2018

December 31, 2017
Your Smart, Private Net.

izzbie ONE provides an easy and simple way for individuals and businesses to securely and remotely access their home and office network.

Pomona, CA, January 8, 2018 - Every year, the biggest names in tech and over 170K+ attendees descend on Las Vegas for CES® 2018 to demonstrate their latest offerings, The event is recognized as one of the world’s top podiums for CEOs – where esteemed speakers tout disruptive technology and envision new trends and markets through the CES® conference program. This year, izzbie will present their newest innovation involving online security, personal cloud, private local area network, and VPN as an all in one plug and play solution called izzbie ONE.

As our need for technology increases, so is our need for privacy and security. Nowadays, our lives rely so heavily on technologies. We shop, bank, and connect to people online, among doing other things. As of January 1, 2018, there were 3,812,564,450 internet users spanning the globe. This is compared to the 3.42 billion accounted for users recorded in 2016, which is roughly half of the current world's population.

izzbie ONE allows individuals and businesses to securely and remotely access their home and office network easier than ever before. Also, since you are accessing your own private network, all your online activities are protected with encryption without going through any 3rd party providers and allows you to access geo-restricted contents. Therefore, users will enjoy the safest online experiences with complete privacy.

We welcome all interested press and broadcast media to stop by our booth during CES® 2018.

Date: January 9 - 12, 10 AM – 6 PM PST
Special Media Conference: Jan 9th 4 pm - 5 pm PST (book interview here)
Or email us to coordinate an interview at: [email protected] or via Linkedin
Booth: Sands, Hall G - 51679 (Eureka Park Marketplace) - map link
Event Address: 201 Sands Ave, Las Vegas, Nevada 89169

About the Company
izzbie is a company who founded izzbie ONE, which is the only online-security device that allows you to have complete privacy by keeping everything within your own private network.  Press Kit and Video

Press Contact: 
Racheal A. Mack, Media Relations