About Vaultoro

                                    "A fair, global financial system for everyone"
Vaultoro’s vision is to develop the world's largest and most transparent provable full reserve asset based banking solution. Enabling anyone in the world too easily and secure digital and physical assets like gold, silver and bitcoin without a bank speculating with their deposits. Vaultoro builds technical solutions that make spending physical gold as bitcoin, Euro or any other currency. The startup prides themselves on bridging the gap between the traditional physical bullion industry and the blockchain revolution that has been heralded as one of the most important inventions in computer science since the internet itself.

Our products

Vaultoro Trading

The first bitcoin-gold trading platform in the market.
  • Best price: On Vaultoro you can trade directly with other members and without a middleman. You set the price and save expensive brokerage costs
  • 100% Allocated gold: Real 99.9% pure gold bars directly come from the smelting companies are secured under your name, as your property, held off Vaultoro's balance sheet
  • Transparency redefined: With our Glass Books Protocol we are the most transparent gold exchange in the industry

You gold savings account. Bar9 has banking capabilities, allowing its customers to use gold as money.

  • Save in physical gold and stores it safely in a professional Swiss vault
  • Access your physical gold via your personal gold-backed debit card
  • Save into different financial assets like Gold, Silver, Platin or Palladium to protect yourself from inflation and save currency risk free and bank independent

The story

Philip and Josh are brothers and started working together 5 years ago when Josh came from Australia where he grew up.
Josh had been in the Bitcoin space for a long time and had lost money when Mt Gox collapsed. In the meanwhile, his brother Philip was busy programmed and designed websites for gold companies. In 2014, they sat together over a cocktail and realized that it made sense to combine the strength of gold with the speed of Bitcoin.

They mixed the two things together, the oldest and the newest currency, and rolled up their sleeves to work. One of their passions was to make crypto exchanges more transparent. In February 2015, Vaultoro was born, a trading platform between Gold and Bitcoin. They got it up and running on their own.

That same year, big things happened, like the finalization of BBVA's innovative content and the interest of some Canadian investors.

In 2016, Josh presented their business model at many innovation and fintech events. Later that year, Ana came by and her first appearance for Vaultoro worked on translating the site into Spanish. She then came on part-time, then full-time.

In 2017, Vaultoro joined the TechStars accelerator program in Berlin. It was an experience!!!! An opportunity to meet mentors, investors and friends. And learn a lot about how start-ups work and how to run a business.

After the accelerator programme, the focus was on fundraising. Over 70 investor meetings have been held, including FinLab AG, the current investor, who initiated a seed round in September. This was the beginning of the expansion of the team to include further development and the development of new products.
In October, a decision was made about the branding and a new company was founded in Germany. The online platform BAR 9, a Vaultoro company, focuses on saving precious metals.