Techstars Berlin Invests In Bitcoin Gold Exchange Vaultoro

January 30, 2017

Techstars Berlin Invests In Bitcoin Gold Exchange Vaultoro

Press release

[Berlin/London​ ​30/1/17]​ -, the secure alternative to traditional banking using physical
gold and bitcoin, is proud to announce they were one of eight startups chosen out of hundreds
worldwide for 2017 Techstars Berlin Program.

“Techstars is one of the largest and most prestigious investors in startups around the world, they not
only invest time and money but have an extraordinary network that helps light up the path ahead as to
avoid the pitfalls where many startups fail.” says Joshua Scigala CEO of Vaultoro.

Techstars saw the potential Vaultoro is bringing to the market by mixing the oldest form of money,
gold, with the newest form of money in the world, bitcoin. This gives people 3,000+ years of historical
peace of mind as a globally recognised store of value and combines it with the speed, transparency,
and divisibility of the bitcoin blockchain.

“Programmable digital currencies not controlled by companies or governments are one of the most
interesting developments in computer science since the invention of the internet itself.
Bitcoin is getting stronger every day, and our implementation makes gold relevant again as a global
currency.” Says Scigala

After seeing the banks close in Greece and Cyprus, Europeans have become increasingly worried
about holding their life savings in a system that has proven not to be transparent or immune to
sudden financial crisis. Vaultoro already has over 4,000 clients from 92 countries that hold over 1.8
Million Euros worth of Bitcoin and Gold through the platform.

By joining Techstars, Vaultoro is fast tracking their plan to integrate Euro, offer a physical gold backed
VISA debit card and create a beautifully designed banking app, so anyone can be bank independent
while keeping the ability to shop online and pay bills.

Another interesting feature of Vaultoro’s forward thinking vision is their development of the glass
books protocol, a transparency protocol based on blockchain technology, that makes financial
institutions radically transparent while keeping client data private.


About​ ​Vaultoro
Vaultoro’s vision is to develop the world's largest and most transparent provable full reserve asset
based banking solution. Enabling anyone in the world too easily and secure digital and physical
assets like gold, silver and bitcoin without a bank speculating with their deposits. Vaultoro builds
technical solutions that make spending physical gold as bitcoin, Euro or any other currency. The
startup prides themselves on bridging the gap between the traditional physical bullion industry and the
blockchain revolution that has been heralded as one of the most important inventions in computer
science since the internet itself.

About​ ​Techstars
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wherever they choose to live. With dozens of mentorship-driven accelerator programs and thousands
of startup programs worldwide, Techstars exists to support the world’s most promising entrepreneurs
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