Women owned. DC based. Better dates.

Leap is redefining the dating experience - taking all of the logistical planning and pressure out, and putting the fun back in!  

We decided that dating could be more fun if we took advantage of the activities available in our city so we created an app that facilitates better dates. After trying different methods and dating apps and realizing that we, and most of DC, are too busy to engage in endless messaging, we came up with a new approach that gets users to an actual date faster. If two people match, Leap does all the logistical planning, including recommending and scheduling date venues and times.

Users first search by activity category (Food, Drinks, Arts & Culture, Sports & Games, Music & Entertainment, Outdoor & Active, Giving Back) and select the people they are interested in. If there is a mutual interest, we present three date options (from our SQL DateABase) based on the activity they selected and we tell the users where and when to meet. Leap offers the option for calendar integration, so that we can see a user's availability and schedule the date for a day they are free. We are simplifying the process of getting to the date.

The iOS version of Leap is available today in the App Store. Android development is currently underway.