Trybeo is a social application using challenges to simplify the way people compete.

Since our launch in June 2017, we are already seeing the platform expanding with new users becoming part of the experience every day. Half a thousand people have downloaded the app in two months and have started to use it to compete and share their experiences.


Despite all the content available every day on social networks, people don’t have an easy way to live new activities. That content is not meant as experiences that can be lived by others, to the point where most viewers are frustrated that they are not living the life they want.
Content creators are also unable to mobilize their communities efficiently on social networks due to the limitations of “comments” and “likes” interactions.

Trybeo changes the way people exchange their experiences in order to give everyone the chance to do remarkable activities. Where other social networks allow people to SHOW their experiences, we help them SHARE activities and create exciting competitions. People post challenges on Trybeo which become invitations for the rest of the community to be more active and take part in competitions.


The founding team is composed by 3 French people (a process engineer: Thomas Loarec, a software engineer: Gabriel Villenave and a designer: Yannick Maurugeon) who started to work together on this project in 2013 as a side project. At that time, mobile applications were not as popular as they are today, Trybeo was first developed as a mobile responsive website. In January 2017, the team, who had been developing the product from France, Germany and United States gathered in Seattle, WA to start testing the product with alpha testers. After a month of testing, the conclusions were clear:
  • People wanted to use a social platform with a mobile application rather than a website
  • The platform had to be more competitive and rewarding
As a result, we changed the product to better meet our users expectations, and less than two months after the original alpha version, the first version of the application was available on the App Store and Google Play.


In June 2017, the Trybeo app was released with two key concepts: 
  1. CHALLENGE: Users participate in challenges by uploading photos or videos and get ranked by the community. They express their passions and skills by taking on existing challenges or creating their own. The more users are active, the more points they earn.
  2. TRIBE: Users can create or join tribes which are public or private groups of people sharing the same interest and doing challenges together.
The singularity of Trybeo is based on the competitions that happen within each challenge. In fact, when a user starts a new challenge on the app, they have 48 hours to find a challenger or their content is automatically deleted. And as soon as a new challenge starts, people can vote for their favorite challengers to define the best. Every challenge on Trybeo is an invitation for the rest of the community to become more active and take part in competitions.

With the launch of the mobile app, Trybeo is initially targeting teenagers (13 to 18 years old) based in the US, Canada, and UK, who often create videos for social networks and engage in competitions and games with their friends and communities. Challenges that have been the most attractive so far include trampoline, trick shots, fidget spinners...

Check out the app: https://www.trybeo.com/app