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Vampr Raises Over $131,000 in the First 24 Hours of Wefunder Campaign Backed By the Angels & Entrepreneurs Network

LOS ANGELES, October 16 – Only 24 hours after the launch of their equity crowdfunding campaign, Vampr has raised over $131,000. Hosted on Wefunder, the campaign launched with backing from the Angel & Entrepreneurs Network (A&E), founded by New York Times best-selling author Neil Patel, and with investment from A&E’s David Weisburd, co-head of Venture Capital at 10X Capital.

“Companies and products which show signs of resilience in times of recession and global unrest have historically gone on to do very well – in some cases maturing into the biggest brands in the world,” says Weisburd. “COVID-19 wreaked havoc on many industries, perhaps none more so than the music industry, where live music has shut down globally. The people affected require new tools and solutions to make money from their work, and creatives by nature thrive on connection. The solution that Josh and team have built with Vampr, ticks all the boxes above.” 

Vampr has raised $1,850,000+ to date from music industry executives, VC, angel investors, and crowdfunding efforts. Since their last crowdfunding campaign in 2019, Vampr went through a swift seven-month rebuild, to become a 360-degree one-stop-shop for artists, with the addition of Vampr Pro Distribution and Vampr Publishing, representing over 5,000 songs for sync opportunities. Not to mention, they’ve brokered over 6 million professional connections (up from 5 million in February 2020) in 190+ countries.

“Vampr is already the market leader in a large niche during a time where niche social platforms are seeing a renaissance,” Weisburd adds. “With first paying customers now under their belt, and a clear vision to move Vampr to a Series A round in late 2021, we have the utmost confidence in the Vampr team to continue building on their past successes to take Vampr to a $100MM+ opportunity.”

With a current valuation of $9,600,000, Vampr is the number one most active and engaged social-professional network for musicians in every country thanks to an easy to use platform which has solved the problem of “who you know and where you live.” Vampr projects continued growth to cement itself as the top essential networking platform for creatives, already dubbed by Forbes as the “LinkedIn for all creatives.”

“We’re obviously thrilled with the first day response to the campaign,” says co-founder and CEO of Vampr, Josh Simons, "It was always going to be a pleasure to open this round with the support of David and the Angels & Entrepreneurs network. Neil and David are two of the savviest investors in the world. This endorsement of Vampr is a boon for our company and a co-sign that all stakeholders should be incredibly proud of."


About Vampr
Launched in 2016, Vampr is a location-based social and professional mobile platform that facilitates music discovery, networking, and communication between musicians, music industry professionals, and music fans. Founded by Australia’s The Music Network’s 30 Under 30 Power Player, Josh Simons, and multi-award-winning songwriter/guitarist and tech entrepreneur, Baz Palmer, the award-winning app is home to over 600,000 users and is active in every country. Vampr has helped fledgling musicians broker over 6 million connections worldwide.

With the launch of Vampr Publishing and Vampr Pro earlier this year, the company now offers artists all their essential services, normally fragmented across multiple providers. Vampr has been recognized in over 10 awards from various industry leaders including being named in Apple’s Best of Year and winning the SF MusicTech Summit. The company’s previous crowdfunding campaign attracted 1,150 investors including Matt Adell, former Beatport CEO, Nick Feldman, former Warner exec and founding member of the band Wang Chung, and NHL stars Miles Wood and John Hayden from the New Jersey Devils.

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