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Investment Comes As Vampr, Music’s Biggest Social Platform, Opens Its Doors To All Creators As it Evolves into a “LinkedIn for Creatives”

LOS ANGELES, CA – January 2019 – Vampr, the music industry’s biggest peer-to-peer networking platform, has completed a funding round that has seen the company raise close to $1.2M including an impressive $520k via equity crowdfunding. More than 1180 user-investors now own a stake in the fastest growing creative community platform. As Vampr completed its blockbuster public equity campaign through Wefunder, additional private funding was secured, led by Kentucky office RZN8 Capital and Istanbul investment platform Angel Effect, to drive growth and momentum for the Vampr community. That’s how to start 2020!

Vampr’s latest funding round encapsulates the growing support for the creative community’s social platform of choice, often touted as the “LinkedIn for Creatives.” Impressive as the amount that’s been raised is also who is investing in Vampr, that makes this such an exciting proposition, with the raise attracting a 50-country coalition of cross-sector investors ranging from Silicon Valley to NHL players, music industry veterans to stay-at-home parents.

Started in 2015 by successful musicians Josh Simons and Baz Palmer, Vampr originally began as a place for musicians to meet other musicians. It wasn’t long before Simons and Palmer realized Vampr’s bigger mission - which is to create valuable connections between all the world’s creatives. Add in intuitive functionality and sharp design, and Vampr has quickly become the most vibrant community for like-minded creatives to find others in their similar and adjacent arts. To date, Vampr has brokered more than FIVE MILLION connections, resulting in the creation of tens of thousands of new creative works. And with users in EVERY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD, the community will continue to grow and mature - creating amazing things along the way.

“As an artist, I learned how crucially important and powerful it is to work with like-minded creatives,” said Josh Simons, co-founder of Vampr. “This is why we are thrilled that over 1,000 people believed in our vision enough to become investors. With their support - we will continue to connect creatives and break down the barriers that have long kept our worlds disconnected.”

“This latest round is undeniable social proof for Vampr that we’re trekking the right path,” added Baz Palmer, co-founder of Vampr. “This capital will allow us to create better tools, improve our platform and give our users a more vibrant community with exciting ways to connect and collaborate.”

In its short time since launching, Vampr has become a darling of both the music and tech industries, racking up accolades including being named as one of Apple’s “Best Apps of The Year,” winning the SF Music Tech startup summit and a Lovie Award in Europe - each touting Vampr’s innovation, functionality and user experience.

Vampr is available as a free download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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About Vampr

Josh Simons and Baz Palmer are both accomplished musicians who were frustrated by the industry’s outdated networking model. Simons, through years of songwriting and releases, has shared stages and works with Carrie Underwood, Travis Scott and Gotye. Palmer is the lead guitarist and songwriter for Hunters & Collectors, the 12x platinum-selling Australian rock act and Hall-of-Fame inductees.

Vampr's advisory board also boasts high-level professional credentials, including former Warner executive Nick Feldman and former CEO of Beatport Matt Addell, who enthuses, “Vampr brings people together to inspire, create, collaborate and grow. It’s just what great musicians need in this disconnected digital world."

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