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About Squatz Fitness
Company Information and Contact Details:

  • Business Name: Squatz Inc., Ltd.
  • Mailing Address: 1600 63rd Street, Brooklyn, NY, 11204
  • Phone: 1-585-440-6975
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website: www.squatz.com
  • Business Type: Private company
  • Annual Revenue: Undisclosed
  • Total Number of Employees: 1-5
  • Primary Line of Business: Fitness Technology
  • Primary Audience: Fitness Coaches and Clients

Leadership/Management Team:

  • Scot Carlson, CEO
  • Aliu Oyofo, Head of Marketing
  • Don Spampinato, Head of Technology
  • Matt Oxley, Advisory Board Member

Company Overview

Brief History:

In 2020, Squatz launched the world’s first virtual and in-person training platform that allows people to work out live with their friends and expert trainers on-demand from the comfort of their own home.

Summary of Primary Offering:

By connecting consumers to a community of fitness enthusiasts and experts alike, Squatz is reimagining fitness training by making on-demand, co-created sessions available anytime, anywhere. The Squatz Service offering includes:

  • For Everyone: A platform that connects clients and coaches in real-time – enabling them to train anywhere; either in-person or virtually.
  • For Coaches: Squatz allows fitness trainers to leverage their free time and easily market their services to anyone seeking new skills, motivation, and help to achieve their fitness goals.
  • For Clients: Squatz connects clients to our worldwide network of expert and freelance trainers to discover new and interesting virtual fitness sessions. Friends, fitness enthusiasts, and trainers can connect, plan, and host fitness sessions just about anywhere.

  • Purpose
    • We want individuals to be empowered to pursue fitness on their own terms: helping people become the fittest version of themselves. To do so, Squatz will be the first platform to democratize access to global fitness.
  • Vision
    • Connect the world’s best fitness experts to anyone looking for fitness on their own terms. 
  • Mission Statement
    • Provide access to the best and most diverse fitness experts worldwide, ensuring clients can find the right coach, program, and content for their lifestyle while making these interactions seamless and valuable to all parties.

Culture - at Squatz, we are a group that is:
  • Passionate about health and fitness, 
  • Motivational and personal, 
  • Diverse, creative, curious, and 
  • Always seeking to improve ourselves.

  • Entrepreneurial
  • Bold
  • Fair
  • Future-focused
  • Empowering

  • Provide access to the best and most diverse fitness experts worldwide
  • Ensure clients can find the right coaches, programs, and content for their fitness lifestyle 
  • Make all interactions seamless and valuable to all parties

Audience Overview:
  • Broad, behavioral target (18-55+):
    • Individuals who place high importance on physical health and choose healthier lifestyle choices
    • Dislike inconvenience, traveling for services or goods, excessive crowds, and long-term contracts
    • Want to train safely, and efficiently 
    • Enjoy personalized fitness lessons and social aspects of fitness training
    • Participate in a variety of high-quality services, and value-for-money
    • Need flexible scheduling, and generally like services delivered to them as a convenience 
    • Challenged by lack of training spaces, Covid-19 related issues, and motivation to begin/ continue 


Our founding team has a unique blend of experience in start-ups and global FTSE 100 organizations, with skills in digital platform innovation, performance marketing, digital transformation, and consumer data and technology strategy and implementation.

Scot Carlson, CEO/ Co-founder

Before Squatz, Scot developed one of the first global on-demand health platforms for Bupa and consulted on Nike Fit Club. Scot has worked in the US, UK, and Europe within The Interpublic Group, Publicis, Samsung, WPP, Deloitte, Standard Life, Skyscanner, and Virgin Atlantic. His specialization is digital innovation, strategy, and transformation, and his experience includes over 15 FTSE 100 companies. Scot studied IoT and Multi-sided Platform strategies at MIT, and he holds an MBA from the University of Edinburgh/ ESSEC Business School. Co-Author: Business Purpose Design

Jerry Brach, COO/ Co-founder

As President of Sound Around, USA (including Pyle Audio), Jerry increased sales from $50mil to over $200mil. Under his leadership, the company expanded online, and into the Americas, Asia, and the Middle East - adding appliances, outdoor equipment, and sports and fitness products. Jerry is an entrepreneur at heart, recently launching BalBox to challenge Amazon Lockers, and co-founding Sqautz Fitness.

Aliu Oyofo, Head of Marketing

Aliu is a strategic performance marketing leader with strong project management and analytical skills. With over ten years of experience in digital marketing, Aliyu has successfully deployed over $100M in media with a focus on direct to consumer products and user acquisition. His strengths include developing data-driven, paid, owned, and earned media strategies and maximizing LTV through sustainable user growth. Aliu’s education includes an MBA from the University of Maryland.

Jason Xenarios, Head of Product

Jason's pursuit of excellence heightens every brand he touches. His experience includes product design, UX/UI, web design, application design, and motion graphics. He has worked with a diverse range of clients, including Schlumberger, SCI, Delta Airlines, New York Department of Education, McDonald's, Virgin, Sony, LG, Rogers, CIBC, Home Depot, Labatt, Alexander Keith's, Indigo, PlayStation, AXE, DreamWorks, Unilever Imperial, Hellmann's, Becel and Virgin Mobile.

Key Processes:

Squatz is built to scale exponentially. Because Squatz is a multi-sided platform, it seamlessly allows users to connect and co-create customized fitness experiences – anywhere in the world. The platform is user-friendly and easy to use. With simple user discovery, data-led smart-matching and scheduling, communication features, virtual training capabilities (including group video integration), and payment processing capabilities built-in – Squatz ensures easy self-service management and transactions.

Company Achievements/News:

Coming soon…

Present Conditions:

While the current pandemic is causing a lot of uncertainty for most businesses – worldwide – we believe that Squatz is solving a real market problem: How to enable Coaches and Clients to connect (with most gyms closed, or permanently closing), provide safer ways to train, and ultimately, stay motivated and make money during the lockdown.