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Squatz launches the world’s first all-in-one virtual fitness platform that connects friends and expert trainers for personalized fitness sessions from the comfort and safety of their own home.

Being the first fully-integrated fitness platform to have a built-in suite of discovery, smart- scheduling, communication, and payment tools, Squatz is reimagining the future of fitness in an era of COVID19. 

NEW YORK, September 17, 2020  -- Squatz., the world's first all-in-one fitness platform that allows fitness consumers and experts to connect, discover, and co-create in-person and virtual training sessions today announced their official launch. Available to users on iOS, Android, and desktop, Squatz connects trainers and clients for both in-person and virtual sessions in the most technologically-integrated ecosystem built for the fitness industry. With Squatz, users can invite their friends, find new ones, and connect with a community of expert trainers to plan, interact, and train together with live fitness sessions. 
Why Now?
This comes at a time when millions of people in the U.S. have no direct access to health and wellness service providers and facilities due to COVID19. This lack of access has paved the way for one of the largest M&A deals of the year, the Teledoc and Livongo merger (increasing their combined value from $8.5bn in early 2020 to almost $37bn). Consumer demand for fitness-related services is also at an all-time high, with a 47% increase in fitness app downloads in Q2 2020 (over the previous year). Coupled with the fact that over 400,000 fitness trainers in the US alone have also been affected by Covid19, the time is right to provide a solution that focuses on connecting trainers to consumers.
“The shift towards on-demand and virtual fitness is a trend that is here to stay. While other platforms provide only a piece of the puzzle, Squatz is the world’s first all-in-one, fully customizable fitness solution that taps into the power of the sharing economy to make fitness truly accessible for everyone”, says Scot Carlson, Squatz founder and CEO. “By allowing trainers to leverage their existing social media following and source clients directly from the open market, Squatz is filling the market gap that was previously dominated by gyms and subscription-based apps.”
How it works
Squatz provides free access to a worldwide marketplace of fitness coaches and clients. With everything built-in, trainers can easily leverage their free time and market their expertise to an unlimited customer base seeking flexible and safe virtual/ alternative fitness solutions. 
Unlike other fitness apps, Squatz is a fully-integrated fitness platform with a built-in suite of discovery, scheduling, video, communication, programming, and payment tools to make fitness accessible to everyone, while giving power back to the individual trainer. Squatz presents each customer with a curated list of trainers - automatically ‘smart-matched’ to the customer’s needs - increasing likelihood of interaction and transaction. The system uses gamification, geolocation and behavioral analytics, dynamic session scheduling, social sharing and profile integrations to deliver superior, personalized experiences for each user. 
Customers can also discover new workout partners, co-create their own workouts, and easily share, rate, and recommend their favorite trainers. Additionally, Squatz’s built-in safety measures and reinforcements have been created for fitness in an era of COVID19. 
2020 has become the most definitive year for the fitness industry, where over 90% of consumers have turned to virtual classes versus only 7% from the year prior. This sudden and unprecedented shift towards online fitness has highlighted the critical gaps in how consumers and experts are connected without gyms as the ‘facilitator.’ Although fitness-as-a-service continues to evolve at a rapid pace, the need for a comprehensive and open-source platform has never been greater. With revolutionary technology to source, deliver, and track the entire client fitness journey, Squatz plans to lead the charge in creating the future of fitness.
About Squatz
Founded in 2020, Squatz is the world’s first on-demand fitness platform to connect consumers and trainers for both live and virtual sessions. By allowing consumers to access a global network of fitness experts via smart-matching in a fully customizable way, Squatz is making fitness accessible for all, while giving power back to the trainer. Fitness enthusiasts can now discover new workouts, co-create sessions, engage with a global community, while easily sharing, rating and recommending their favorite trainers. Available on iOS, Android, and desktop, Squatz is the most technologically integrated, end-to-end fitness experience built for an era of COVID19 and virtual fitness.
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