How To Create A Professional Press Kit For Your Shopify Store

One way to get more customers and growing your online store is getting your business or product featured in a major publication or website. Getting press coverage is not only important to drive traffic to your online store, but also a way to gain trust in your industry. Being mentioned by major blogs or newspapers gives your business social proof, which will lead to more sales and more press coverage.

A professional press kit presents your product and brand, gives access to photos and other marketing material, gives social proof by listing press coverage, and makes it easy for journalist to get information about your store.

PresskitHero makes it dead simple to create a professional looking press kit. No coding required. No need to hire a designer.

With the app you can

PresskitHero takes all the information you enter, and automatically generates a well designed and responsive (optimized for mobile and tablets) press kit directly on your Shopify store:

Screenshot of demo press kit To see an live example have a look at our demo press kit.

Install PresskitHero on the Shopify App Store

Get PresskitHero on the Shopify App Store

Lets get started. First go to and install PresskitHero on your store.

Open the app

PresskitHero on your store's admin interface

Once installed, open the app via your store's admin interface.

Edit your press kit introduction text

First write an introduction text for your press kit. Explain what your company does, what products you have, your story, how your business came about. Include some company facts, how many customers you have, how long you have been in business, and any other facts you can share with reporters.

Add contact information for press inquiries

Add your contact information for reporters to use to contact you for press inquiries.

Add press coverage your product has received

Add every published article, blog post or newspaper story about your product or business. This is good for social proof and a way for reporters to see who else has written about you.

Use the suggested logo to save time

When you enter a link to a published article about your product, PresskitHero automatically suggest a logo of the publication. This will save you some time to search the publications logo yourself... but of course you can also upload a logo yourself if you don't like the suggestion.

Add awards your product has received

Maybe your product or company has already received some awards. Include them here for more social proof.

List the people involved in your company

Introduce yourself, and your team. List everyone who is involved in your company, what is their name, title or a description of their role in the company.

Upload images, documents, logos and other marketing marterial

Lastly you can upload images, screenshots of your app, photos of your product or office, your company's logo, and any other marketing marterial.

That's it. We are done. PresskitHero will automatically take the information you entered and create a professional press kit directly on your Shopify store.

You can see the result of our demo store's press kit here.

Get PresskitHero for Shopify here.