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About Gini Health

Gini Health is changing the status quo of the one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition and vitamin supplements through technology and data driven personalization. Gini Health uses genetic data, current health status, health goals along with lifestyle data like diet, sleep and exercise to provide personalized nutrition targets and supplement plan. This is the data driven dynamic plan that changes with the changing life. Customized vitamins have unique dosages for every customer based on their data that are made in 1 to 4 pills on made to order basis. It's like having your own customized vitamin salad of supplements but in the exact amount that your body needs.

What Makes Gini Health Different
Gini Health is the first and only smart vitamin solution that has dynamically changing multivitamin formula that adjusts to the individual's lifestyle. This is built upon the solid base of genetic data, individual's current health status and their health goals to address health and nutrition in a holistic way. Gini Health is making dietary supplements consumption more scientific and accurate by making it unique for each individual. 

While all other vitamin supplement companies make one size fits all supplement formula to optimize for their own profits by saving cost, Gini Health optimizes for the health of our customers by making each formula on made to order basis to achieve the optimal nutrition and health. Gini Health is the most complete formula in the market.

Gini Health's mission is to reduce our customer's reliance on supplements and push them towards better dietary choices. Gini Health makes it easier to bring genetic data from other companies like AncestryDNA, 23andme and My Heritage to link with Gini Health to understand health in a better way and personalize nutrition and supplement targets.