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All the information a journalist needs to cover your company in one place

Easily add content (videos, logos, images), contact information and relevant information for journalists (recent press coverage, awards, press releases).

PressKitHero takes all that information and creates a hosted press kit for you, where journalists can find everything they need to write about you.

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Opinions from industry experts

Ed a1846ed7523e1ac19a3c8f8859b4033d9d80a6fabd0bb5d79be9bfa71dd607d4
Stop using Dropbox for your press kits. PressKitHero is your built for this - I love it!
Ed Moyse, Founder of JournoRequests
Elliot f478e3ce77848cb804e7744d4cfc8cc8c7b7c79bd6d20d9a5a4c985795928d86
As a journalist who typically profiles startups, yes, please have some sort of press kit :)
Elliot Volkman, Reporter for

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Mary 06c30fecbf4c34e574cd6554daab273eca90883989fff85bc826d7e9d8203a7a
I knew I needed to create a press kit but didn't know where to start, or what should be included. This app makes it easy!
Mary Elizabeth, Mary Elizabeth Arts
Matt e82ced1836846995e3bf84a65d0b1ff274a3ac0f2ff89dbfb55d6c436bcece87
I'm impressed, this is a super easy to use app, and the guidance they provide is spot on. Very helpful, it's exactly what I was looking for
Matt Aboussie, Wild Alaska Direct
Eleni d9dc97a2a809211de8ec5c2e3c953c15024c5eac755bd6bf09db73687b57911a
A wonderful mix of ease and polish. And of course with customer service to match!
Eleni Tzimas, kös organic skincare
Soupnskin ebe45b797cda36941152c264eaea7cc6574e4a9c97534a016de790085031bfc2
Love this app! It has helped a complete novice like me set up a very professional looking Press Page in minutes
Rabia Khan, soapNskin
Ugly c754fc058ab4cbe3a4bddae85ae652a3ffeea49c63c85cfce6375b36812b0767
PressKitHero created a clean, beautiful display of the press coverage my brand & products have received. Set up was very easy
David, Ugly Teams
Pillow 7283516ec4cbfd47f5595484e2ef71eafd0b5547acc9809f662bfc98546197ee
I like the way it looks live on our site: clean, organized, and easy to navigate
Chrissy Colton, The Right Pillow

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