Company Story & Overview

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GoTranscript is an industry-leading and innovative language-processing technology company founded in Edinburgh, Scotland in 2006.
We’re an ambitious team of more than 100 motivated, multicultural professionals working together to build the best service possible. We’re a fast-growing technology team with an extremely open and transparent culture. In the last 24 months, we’ve experienced rapid growth.
GoTranscript unlocks insights from the spoken word to power productivity and helps solve challenges around the searchability and accessibility of multimedia content. 
GoTranscript’s services have saved hundreds of thousands of individuals, small businesses, enterprises, and content creators countless hours and fundamentally changed the way their content is accessed, shared, and utilized. 

Our mission is to help make the world more connected through better communication between people!
Our Products and Pricing
GoTranscript offers affordable per-minute pricing based on job complexity, turnaround time, and service add-ons. The company's commitment to transparent pricing means there are no hidden fees. For our loyal customers and students, we provide discounts of up to 20% off. New customers can receive a $10 credit to their GoTranscript account for testing our services (Free Trial).
Why Us (Competitive Points)
  • GoTranscript’s quick turnaround time means delivery can take as little as six hours.
  • GoTranscript’s four-step process guarantees maximum accuracy of over 99%.
  • GoTranscript provides human-generated services only.
  • GoTranscript provides special discounts of up to 20% (Customer Loyalty Program).
  • GoTranscript provides a free $10 credit to new customers (Free Trial).
  • GoTranscript offers translation to over 53 languages.
  • GoTranscript offers service add-ons, such as timestamping, verbatim, opened captions, as well as trimming option for audio files.
Our Accomplishments:
  • Customer satisfaction score: 4.9/5 (or 98.5%) from 1861 customer reviews
  • Over 144.7 million minutes transcribed
  • More than 211,000 customers served
  • 4,800 active freelancers working at
  • Leo Vaitonis, PR & Partnerships Manager
  • [email protected]
  • 917-267-8904