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About Monroe Community Power 
Monroe Community Power is a renewable energy program for the Town of Brighton, the Town of Irondequoit, and the Town and Village of Pittsford. The program is enables municipalities to offer their their residents and small businesses electricity bill savings by by pooling local electricity demand in effort to secure more favorable terms on electricity supply and/or by providing residents and small businesses access to the benefits of solar. 
Community choice aggregation (CCA or community choice) empowers municipalities to leverage the collective buying power of their residents and small businesses in effort to secure competitive energy supply rates, protect consumers, and designate renewable generation sources. The program also provides access to guaranteed electricity bill savings through community solar. The Town of Brighton’s community choice electricity supply program enables participants to pay less for renewable (or “clean”) energy than they’ve historically paid for traditional (or “dirty”) electricity. The Town of Irondequoit and the Town and Village of Pittsford are providing access to a municipality-endorsed community solar program that offers guaranteed electricity bill savings in the form of solar bill credits derived from NY State incentives for renewable energy generation. 

Monroe Community Power was formed in partnership with Joule Community Power.