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"LISA HUNTER RASIC Co-Founder, Ivy & Elder On some counts, I am relieved that we are so new and small. Our fixed costs are significantly lower than they are for other brands further along the curve with greater distribution and overhead. On the other hand, these are some strong headwinds for our young business as we’ve only just launched. Sadly, I expect a shakeout of indie brands and indie retail boutiques. For those who are able to weather the storm, a DTC and online selling strategy will become even more essential. Customers who weren’t buying beauty online before are being forced to build a new habit and comfort level. I think that will have a lasting impact. For retailers, exceptional in-store service and a differentiated experience will become even more important. I can’t wait to be shopping again at my favorites. That personal connection—trustworthy help and recommendations—is so important and will continue to be."


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June 07, 2016
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June 01, 2016
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June 10, 2016


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June 01, 2016


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June 02, 2016