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Opinions from industry experts

Stop using Dropbox for your press kits. PressKitHero is your built for this - I love it!
Ed Moyse, Founder of JournoRequests
As a journalist who typically profiles startups, yes, please have some sort of press kit :)
Elliot Volkman, Reporter for

Trusted by hundreds of companies

I knew I needed to create a press kit but didn't know where to start, or what should be included. This app makes it easy!
Mary Elizabeth, Mary Elizabeth Arts
I'm impressed, this is a super easy to use app, and the guidance they provide is spot on. Very helpful, it's exactly what I was looking for
Matt Aboussie, Wild Alaska Direct
A wonderful mix of ease and polish. And of course with customer service to match!
Eleni Tzimas, kös organic skincare
Love this app! It has helped a complete novice like me set up a very professional looking Press Page in minutes
Rabia Khan, soapNskin
PressKitHero created a clean, beautiful display of the press coverage my brand & products have received. Set up was very easy
David, Ugly Teams
I like the way it looks live on our site: clean, organized, and easy to navigate
Chrissy Colton, The Right Pillow

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