Your Press Page Guideline: 10 Examples 

So, your marketing efforts have gained you a little bit of attention from your customers, but you’re not sure why publications aren’t reaching out. You probably don’t have a press page to convince them to contact you.

Think of a press page as the window to the soul of your business. It’s what gets you noticed, and as a startup, you’re definitely going to need one. 

At PressKitHero, our press kit know-how can guide you in the right direction to get some much-needed media attention. Now let’s take a deeper look into what defines a press page. 

What is a Press Page? 

A press page is a page on your website that’s dedicated to showing your press contacts and all the times your business was featured or mentioned online and offline. This includes: 

Essentially a press page offers you two functions. Firstly, you can show off your business’s published features. And secondly, you provide journalists and PR experts with the necessary information they need to quickly learn about your business. 

Press pages are essential for startups because your necessary business information is made public and made more accessible to the press. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t made it into the headlines just yet. Success comes when you’re prepared. 

How Does a Press Page Benefit Your Business?

Inbound PR

When journalists are looking to write a story about current trends or news in a particular industry, they’ll collect insights from a wide range of businesses to get enough depth and balance. 

And where do you think they look for this information? Business Wire reports that 73% of journalists will go directly to a company’s press page. With an insightful press page, you can be one of those businesses that are included in their story. It still benefits you even if the story isn’t all about you. 

Think about it this way, if you do your press page well, you get usable content that high-authority publications can professionally promote without you even asking for it.  

Outbound PR 

Now, this is where you’re actually pitching your content to the media. However, to support your pitch, you’ll need to link a strong press page to prove that you’re ready. PR experts and journalists will enjoy going through a press page that’s neatly categorized and full of information about your business that they don’t have to ask for. 

Shows You’re Press Ready

A stunning press page allows you to be taken more seriously and gain more traffic to your site without you having to push too much. This is because when journalists include your business in their publications, your links are spread out right where potential customers can find them. 

Here are some additional benefits you get from a press page: 

Things to Include in Your Press Pages

According to a Business Wire media survey, PR experts consider three elements to be the most important in your press page: logos, pictures, videos, and infographics (57%); contact information (51%); and your company overview (38%). This shows you shouldn’t be afraid to use attractive multimedia to make your page stand out. Just make sure it’s easily comprehensible and accessible. 

Articles section of press kit

Press release section of press kit

Press page example

10 Great Examples of Press Pages 

#1: Snapchat

Screen shot of Snapchat's press page

When Snapchat shares important news about their app, besides notifying their users, they also include this relevant information on their press page.

#2: VanMoof

Screen shot of VanMoof's press page

VanMoof Press Page

VanMoof uses strong imagery on their website, which translates well on their press page. 

#3: Toast Tab 

Screen shot of Toast Lab's press page

Toast Tab Press Room

#4: Apple 

Screen shot of Apple's press page

Apple Press Page

Apple’s press page design resembles how an actual news website would look. Their news is always about their products, so they make use of visuals to highlight their stories. 

#5: CoSchedule

Screen shot of CoSchedule's press page

CoSchedule Press Page

CoSchedule’s page greets journalists with their most newsworthy stories at the top of the page. 

#6: Loom

Screen shot of Loom's press page

Loom Press Page

Loom’s press page is aesthetically pleasing as it stays true to its purple theme.

#7: FreshBooks

Screen shot of FreshBooks's press page

FreshBooks Press Center 

FreshBook’s press page is neatly organized and downloadable content is included throughout. 

#8: Dolby

Screen shot of Dolby's press page

Dolby Press Page

Dolby’s press page is constantly curated and updated to reflect their brand personality and achievements. 

#9: Boxed

Screen shot of Boxed's press page

Boxed Press Page 

Boxed has a pretty simple press page setup that you can consider following if you want to start off with something basic. 

#10: Canva

Screen shot of Canva's press page

Canva Press Page

Canva’s page boasts an interactive page with animated images. 


As a startup, making sure you have a solid foundation for building your press page is super important. Just because you may not have been featured in any publications yet, doesn’t mean you can’t showcase your own press releases to get noticed. 

The key is to make it attractive, clear, and accessible. You want journalists to see something special in your company through your press page. It’s not just about the words you write but also about how you present.

Need help with building your press page? PressKitHero can help you create an extensive media kit to grab the attention of PR experts. You don’t have to worry about your budget, we’re startup friendly!