How To Write A Convincing Pitch For Your Shopify Store

When I launched Press Kit Builder for Shopify last week, the app immediately had a lot of sign ups. A lot of people seem to be interested in creating a professional press kit for their business. But a week later, only 55% of everyone who installed the app also filled out the introduction text about their product or company.


I think it's because pitching your business is hard. You know how important it is to find the right words, yet it is incredibly difficult. And when the first thing you see after installing the app, is a huge empty text box, the first thought that pops into your head is probably "oh no, not now, I will do it tomorrow".

But do not worry. This blog post is about overcoming writer's block and will hopefully help you to pitch your business to the press.

Let's get started.

Describe your business in one sentence

I think the best way to start off is to describe your business in only one sentence.

Have a look at the press kit from GitHub.

What they don't have is a long text pitching their company. Their press kit indroduction text is 30 words long.

So let's try to pitch your business in one sentence.

As a starting point use this template:

The name of your business, what do you do, who is your target audience?

Let's look at some examples I created with this template for some popular Shopify stores:

I found some of those pitches on the store's meta description tag. If you already have a meta description for your store, you can also use that as a starting point for your pitch.

If you are running out of time or energy, you could actually stop here. A one sentence pitch is better then no pitch. The more information you could offer though, the better. So what else can you include in your pitch?

Add more information about your business

Just copy and paste the questions below into the empty text box for your press kit's introduction text, and answer them one by one, matter-of-factly, in plain english, just as you would answer them to someone asking you in person.

and last, of course

Your complete pitch would start off with your one sentence pitch, then include every information about your business just stated matter-of-factly. When you approach it like this, I think it is relatively easy to come up with a complete text for your press kit. Hopefully this is helpful for getting started. Happy writing, everybody!

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